10 Tips for Leading Highly Engaging Senior Fitness Classes, part 1


Senior fitness classes that successfully pull people together are an excellent way for seniors to care for their physical, mental and social health. Here are 10 tips for how instructors can create the most effective, engaging classes.

4 Proven Strategies to Increase Participation

For senior living professionals, participation in physical fitness programs is a huge priority. Here are 4 tips from communities generating high participation.

4 Strategies for Senior Living Communities to Increase Fitness Participation

Simply having a wellness program does not ensure that residents will participate. We talked to Trainers & Fitness Directors about how to encourage participation in initiatives that support physical fitness and compiled some of their most effective and creative tips.

5 Strength Training Exercises that Will Challenge Active Seniors

Many exercises directed at older adults aren’t challenging enough for those who are already active and strong. Check out these 5 strength training exercises that will challenge active seniors, supporting an independent life.

5 Things Competitors can Teach you About Senior Strength Training

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