Happy Mother's Day

A mothers day message about life long strength.

This is a picture of my mother and grandmother in 1937 leaving the US by ship to visit relatives in England. From what I’ve been told, they had a splendid time visiting Sir Dudley and the family at his bucolic home. I traveled overseas with my girls as well however we didn’t wear dresses with orchid corsages. We wore yoga pants. On this very strange mother’s day, I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother, now aged 88, and my daughters now young adults.

1937Most women of my mother’s era never have and never will wear yoga pants. They didn’t have Title IX, they had few athletic role models and they had plenty of social pressure to act ladylike. Sweating at the gym was viewed as freakish. According to Argentum, 70% of senior housing residents today are women. Women from my mother’s generation often participate in sit & fit classes. Group fitness is wonderful. It serves both physical and emotional wellness and reaches people with little self-efficacy. But group fitness has limitations. Teaching to all ability levels is a challenge. Strength training with progression benefits symptoms of diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain, and depression. It improves balance and sleep and revs up the immune system.


HUR strength equipment with SmartTouch technology removes the barriers that keep women like my mother from training in the gym. With a touch-less swipe of an RFID key fob or wrist-band a custom training program is automatically loaded onto the machine. The load, reps, sets and even the seat's height automatically adjust so no prior knowledge needed. Communities like Landis Homes in PA have seen a 316% increase in fitness center usage including a huge percentage of female residents that now workout regularly after installing HUR strength equipment.

"..Not only is the new HUR equipment easy to use, but being able to have easy access to my data, so I can see my progress,  helps keeps me motivated. " ~ Mary, resident at The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch

Happy Mother’s Day